Nduja: The wonder ingredient

PUBLISHED: 17:33 04 March 2014 | UPDATED: 11:20 15 May 2015

Authentic Italian produce available at Delicibo

Authentic Italian produce available at Delicibo


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Authentic Italian produce comes to Chesterfield as restaurant Calabria introduce their delicatessan ‘Delicibo’, bringing traditional ingredients to the mass local market.

Sev Risorto and his wife Sarah take it in turns to manage DeliciboSev Risorto and his wife Sarah take it in turns to manage Delicibo

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Nduja, A unique product from the southern most region of Italy, is a favourite in its homeland and used widely in Calabrian cooking. It is being picked up by chefs across the world and paraded as the “Greatest Italian food discovery since mozzarella.”

Italian Products, such as craft beers, regional wines, biscuits, jam and hampers, have always been available at Calabria, on Glumangate, Chesterfield. Lack of space, however, restricted the number and variety of products which could be displayed in the restaurant.

Produce available at DeliciboProduce available at Delicibo

As more and more requests emerged for Calabrian food and drink produce such as antipasto platters, olives, salami, oil etc, it was inevitable that a second bespoke delicatessen would have to open to cater for the demand… and so Delicibo (pronounced deli-chee-bow) was born!

Ideally located as part of the new Market Hall complex, directly opposite the Post Office, Delicibo opened its doors to the public in December 2013.

Supplier Francesco Migliarese's fruit jam and marmalade contains 75% fruit per 100g (the 
majority in the UK contain approx 35%).Supplier Francesco Migliarese's fruit jam and marmalade contains 75% fruit per 100g (the majority in the UK contain approx 35%).

With support from Chesterfield borough Council, who were very much in favour of the idea, a real piece of Italy has been created in the town centre. Although Delicibo may be relatively small in size, it boasts a vast range of ingredients and products used by the chefs at Calabria and now enjoyed by the townsfolk of Chesterfield.

The delicatessen is the epitome of a family business: Sev Risorto, his wife Sarah, Vic’s two boys take it in turns to manage the shop and offer the same impeccable standard of hospitality, which is always on the menu at their restaurant Calabria.

Delicibo is part of the new Market Hall complex in ChesterfieldDelicibo is part of the new Market Hall complex in Chesterfield

At the end of January 2014, the family welcomed supplier Francesco Migliarese, organic extra virgin olive oil producer and grower of quality fruit and vegetables.

Francesco is passionate about what he does and is keen to share his encyclopaedic knowledge of his products with others.

The quality of his products is reflected no more positively than in his fruit jam and marmalade, where every 100g contains 75% fruit (the

majority in the UK contain approx 35%). The Migliarese family tomato passata and ready made tomato based sauces are another superb example of the very finest produce. The ingredients show why the sauces boast an amazing red colour, with a wholesome texture and taste.

The Risorto family unit has provided the inspiration for the creation of many of the dishes prepared at Calabria and the warmth and hospitality exuding from the restaurant are a result of the traditional values extolled from the family life at home.

To this day, Vic and Sev’s mum, Lauretta, provides the now extended family with wonderful dishes which were passed to her as a young girl. Interestingly (and perhaps one of the fundamental reasons for the continued success of Calabria!) the Professional Development as a chef at the restaurant includes regular visits to the family home and learning how the various dishes are made.

With this knowledge, the team then develop each component and give the dishes what Vic aptly calls ‘the chef’s touch’ to create the final menu.

“The shop now gives us the opportunity to share both the authentic products and these many years of knowledge with our customers,” says Vic.

“Wherever possible we aim to provide a ‘try before you buy’ service and discuss how we use the chosen ingredient to create an authentic dish. I’m confident that whoever is serving at the shop can share my mum’s creations, and their own, and i hope all this adds to the overall customer experience”

Sarah adds: “i just love the products that we have in the shop! I’ve been to Calabria and seen for myself the Iozzo and Migliarese families’ operations. They are so passionate about what they’re doing it’s really quite infectious if only we could import some of their sunshine, we’d have the complete package!”

For more information, visit: www.delicibo.co.uk

For Nduja, visit: www.calabriacucina.co.uk/buy-nduja-online

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