Kay Ward: Children's Bedrooms

PUBLISHED: 14:15 26 January 2011 | UPDATED: 20:33 20 February 2013

Kay Ward: Children's Bedrooms

Kay Ward: Children's Bedrooms

With this year's presents safely received, perhaps it's a good time to de-clutter. Interiors specialist Kay Ward starts off with children's bedrooms

The children are now back at school sharing happy memories of the recent Christmas festivities, and while they excitedly discuss their brightly wrapped parcels, lovingly delivered by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, it occurred to me what a fabulous opportunity January is to venture into that unknown territory in the home the childs bedroom.

Undoubtedly, old toys and games are discarded in favour of a newly acquired collection of shiny, exciting and (hopefully not too much) multicoloured plastic. Childrens rooms can soon become overwhelmingly cluttered, and floor space is at a premium as toys, books, computers, clothes and games, all fight for a place in what appears to be too small a space.

Children are constantly growing and evolving and their rooms are a reflection of this. Just as you renew the decor, bedding and paint colours from time-to-time, to reflect their development from Bob the Builder to Dr Who, to the latest celebrity or cool trendy band, so you should clear out old, broken toys and out-grown belongings, and provide plenty of storage and order, to give them space both mentally and physically to grow. A firm such as Gautier offers stylish, ecofriendly furniture and storage ranges, including beds, desks and wardrobes, specifically designed to be adjusted and added to as your child grows.

Simply start by making three piles: one for old, outgrown, broken toys and items; one pile should be for recycling, whether to a charity shop or perhaps by offering toys and clothes to a friend with younger children; and the third pile should be for items which are necessary, current and loved. No one is suggesting that treasured teddies and favourite books cannot be re-housed in the new organised streamlined room!

A word of warning, carry out the sorting exercise alone when the children are not around, and dont underestimate the emotional resistance of letting go of your childs toys and books. And based on personal experience, if they are around, that pile for recycling or throwing away will suddenly become very small and you will never get it out of the door!

So, no more procrastination, be brave and venture in, clear out, de-clutter and re-organise. The benefits are endless and you will be amazed how good it feels. Now for a well-deserved cup of tea and a Happy Clutter-Free start to the New Year ...

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