Englands's Whiteout by Beth Winchcombe - Derbyshire Poetry

PUBLISHED: 11:24 15 July 2010 | UPDATED: 11:51 28 February 2013

A poem about our extreme white winter by Beth Winchcombe

Another day, its snowing the heaps of snow are growing taller each day!

Heaped by the roadside piled in gardens high reaching up towards the sky!

Picturesque landscape it may look, this is for real, not in a book!

The sun shines bright, making the snow a dazzling white!

Although its difficult underfoot, the kids dont give a hoot! Sledging, rolling in the snow faces pink, all aglow! They love the snow.

Schools are closed. Roads are closed. No one knows just how long itll last this freezing arctic blast?

England is now totally white. Come, have a snowball fight, its really quite alright.

Health and safety wont agree they never do you see?

If youre frail and old stay out of the cold, huddle by the fire turn the heating higher. Cuddle up together to beat this cold weather! Were survivors, you and me youll see!

Look beyond this winter thing. Look forward to another spring.

Hope springs eternal for all its worth this is England, here on earth.

You may shiver, You may quiver, but youll SURVIVE

Beth Winchcombe. 9/1/2010.

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