N&EMPF Photography Awards 2011

PUBLISHED: 00:18 14 February 2011 | UPDATED: 18:51 20 February 2013

Bee-eater with Bee by Gianpiero Ferrari

Bee-eater with Bee by Gianpiero Ferrari

Outstanding success for the county's photographic clubs in the 2011 North & East Midlands Photographic Federation awards

It was a year of unprecedented triumph for two Derbyshire photographic societies in the 2011 N&EMPF (North & East Midlands Photographic Federation) Exhibition, with other county-based clubs and photographers also enjoying great success.

There are only 17 Derbyshire-based societies of the 48 affiliated to N&EMPF, yet they won 12 of the 29 main awards and 38 of the 89 awards overall. Bakewell Photographic Circle and Rolls-Royce (Derby) Photographic Society both achieved notable milestones: for the third year running Bakewell won the Hiscox Trophy for the Best Monochrome Print Panel; and, again for the third successive year, Rolls-Royce won the Chesterfield Trophy for the Best Colour Print Panel.

Bakewell PC and Rolls-Royce PS were also the two most successful clubs at the exhibition, sharing a total of 23 awards, with Bakewells Jim Edmondson winning four individual awards for his evocative exotic portraits all taken in a small studio at his home. Jim gained Best Monochrome Projected Image, and two Selectors Personal Choice awards in Monochrome Print and Colour Projected Image. Jim also earned a Certificate of Merit.

The achievements of Bakewell and Rolls-Royce are even greater in that
each club has fewer than 40 members. Furthermore, Rolls-Royces 48 acceptances in the exhibition were the work of only 13 photographers
while Bakewells 37 acceptances were
by just eight.

Bakewell Photographic Circle has attracted a hard core of very dedicated and truly outstanding photographers, proclaims chairman Ian Daisley. Those who enter competitions like this have built up an intuitive understanding of what kind of images are likely to succeed. Together these members also photograph a wide diversity of subject matter which can only inspire our other members.

There is a similar culture at Rolls-Royce, says chairman Chris Forster who himself picked up three individual awards for his highly creative digital imagery: Best Projected Colour Image, a Highly Commended in Colour Projected Image and a Certificate of Merit in Monochrome Projected Image.

You dont have to work for Rolls-Royce to be a member, Chris first points out, and in fact our guest members are often the most enthusiastic and photographically active. They have enabled our club to punch above its weight when you consider our small number of members. Weve recently increased our membership and our programme has broadened though its still weighted towards competitions, whether its within the club or at national level, as we feel this is the best way to improve our photography beyond simple recording.

The third most successful Derbyshire-based club in N&EMPF 2011 was Derby City Photographic, winning seven awards, three of which went to chairman David White, including a Selectors Personal Choice and a
Highly Commended in Monochrome Projected Image.

The 191 accepted prints can be viewed at Mansfield Museum until Saturday 5th February. The 274 photos in the projected image show will be visiting all 48 N&EMPF societies until mid-March. Visit www.nempf.org for the full itinerary.

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