Derbyshire Autumn Scenes

PUBLISHED: 16:08 03 December 2010 | UPDATED: 19:49 23 October 2015

Derbyshire Autumn Scenes

Derbyshire Autumn Scenes

Robert Falcolner photographs his favourite seasonal county scenes

As the nights start to draw in and summer holidays become a distant memory, many people feel sad that another summer has gone. For me though, it is the start of a very exciting time of year.

Autumn is the most spectacular of all the seasons when the landscape comes alive with drama and colour, providing opportunities to take some great photographs.

From September to December the landscape goes through a spectacular transformation as lush green vegetation gives way to the barren winter scene. Any and every type of weather is possible, from warm sunny days to the first frosts and snow of winter. At dawn, as the temperature drops, mist can be seen forming over rivers and engulfing valleys. However, trees have to be the stars of the show and there are plenty of spots in Derbyshire where bright autumn colours can be seen in all their glory.

One of my favourite places is Chatsworth Park, where there are so many different species of trees that you can find just about every autumn tint there is. One of my favourite approaches is to shoot into the light,  using a trunk or a branch to hide the glare of the sun. The sunlight shining through the leaves makes them look as though they are glowing, creating a very attractive effect.

There can be good photography from any angle in autumn. If you look up, vivid autumn leaves contrast well against a deep blue sky, and looking down, you find the ground has become a golden carpet of leaves to which a covering of frost literally adds icing on the cake. Go in close and you can pick out the delicate details and colours of each leaf. A great place to do this, and somewhere I never tire of visiting in autumn, is Padley Gorge. The ancient tree-lined gorge has a series of small waterfalls as Burbage Brook flows off the High Peak into the Hope Valley at Grindleford. In autumn the leaves settle on the gritstone rocks along the stream, adding colour to the natural water features. Some photographers rearrange the leaves on the rocks into a more attractive composition or even add leaves to bare rocks to make a more colourful picture.

Heather moorlands and bracken also provide good opportunities for the photographer as they turn attractive shades of gold and bronze. There are great autumn pictures to be found all around us, even in our own gardens.

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