The Shire by John Arblaster - Derbyshire Poetry

PUBLISHED: 11:41 15 July 2010 | UPDATED: 17:32 20 February 2013

A poem about a shire cart horse by John Arblaster

I'm old my back is deeply swayed My strength isalmost gone But i remember younger days I pulled the plough along

From dawn to dusk I trod the sod And deeply turned the furrow Until the moon peeped o-er the trees And we prepared for morrow

Those days are past No ploughing now does call me from my drowsing Instead I pass my days in dreams Of harvestings carousing

The life i knew no longer is A life of cart and harrow So let me dream of other times And leave me to my sorrow

John L. Arblaster - 05/03/2010

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