• Start: Tatenhill
  • End: Tatenhill
  • Country: England
  • County: Derbyshire
  • Type: Country
  • Nearest pub:
  • Ordnance Survey:
  • Difficulty: Medium
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barton under needwood "“ dunstall hall "“ battlestead hill "“ tatenhill "“ dunstall park "“ barton-under-needwood 7 Miles

Linear distance:7 miles
Approximate time:3 hours continuous walking
Total height climbed:Approximately 250ft
ParkingGrid Ref: SK187187
Refreshments:In Tatenhill and Barton-under-Needwood
Picnic:Battlestead Hill and Instruction 24

Directions: From Burton-on-Trent take the A38 south to the Barton Turn then follow the B5016 to Barton-under-Needwood. Drive into the village on the main road. About 200 metres after the first church on the left turn right opposite The Bell Inn to the Free Car Park, Methodist Church and Village Hall. Please note Parking up to 4 hours. If you start in Tatenhill leave the A38 at the Branston roundabout to follow the Tatenhill route. At the first cross roads turn right into the village.

Description: This is a very pleasant route through the National Forest area. It makes a figure of eight where you can follow two shorter routes (2 miles and 4 miles) as you will see from the map. When you reach Tatenhill the route takes you up the short steep climb of Battlestead Hill where the extensive views are well worth the climb. It is an ideal area for a picnic. From Tatenhill the bridleway takes you through the lovely open parkland of Dunstall. This walk could start in Tatenhill at the Horseshoe Inn provided you visited the inn for refreshments. They serve food all day.


1. Leave the car park at the top right-hand corner to walk along a short narrow road. At the T-junction by the chapel turn left. (A)

2. Follow the track to go through a gate then over a stile.

3. Keep straight on to go through another gate. Pass an overgrown pond and walk down to the footpath post. (B)

4. Bear off up right aiming for the fencing. Go through the farm gate.

5. Walk along the track, first tree-lined then fenced and hedged. (C)

6. Cross the stile at the end of the track and turn left along the road. (D)

7. At the crossing of roads turn right. (This is the figure of eight point.)

8. Walk down the road passing Dunstall Hall and following the road for nearly half a mile. Just after the bend cross the stile on the right.

9. Cross the field aiming for the farm gate. Cross a stile by the gate. Cross the roads to cross another stile by the footpath post in the hedge corner.

10. Follow the hedge close on the left crossing a stile, two footbridges and two fields. Turn right then immediately left and right again to follow the fence close on the right. Cross a footbridge. (F)

11. Turn right along the concrete track for about 200 metres. Go through a stile by a farm gate. Turn left to walk round the field corner then cross a stile on the left. Keep straight with the field boundary on the left. At the junction with the bridleway turn left towards the village. (G)

12. At the farm go through a small gate and immediately turn right over a foot bridge to follow the path to the road.

13. Cross the road to the footpath post then walk along the fenced path below the ridge. After crossing a stile take the steep grass path on your right. At a fork of paths bear up steeply to the right. At the top of Battlestead Hill you can enjoy a rest and far reaching views from the conveniently placed seats.

14. Just below the second seat turn left downhill on a wide grass path. As you near the bottom of the hill the path swings round to the left. At the bottom of the hill turn right down to a stream and cross a stile by Mill House.

15. Turn left up a concrete drive to the road in Tatenhill.

16. Turn left to visit the Horseshoe Inn or turn right to continue the walk.

17. (H)Take the footpath opposite the church. Follow the hedge close on the left going round the field. Go through a small metal gate. Keep straight on with the hedge on the right Go through another metal gate in the corner of the next field.

18. Keep straight on across the field ahead.

19. Go through a gate and along a hedged path passing through another gate. (I) Turn left at the junction with the surfaced lane (Cuckoo Cage Lane). At the road junction turn right for about 250 metres, then left along Highlands Park Lane. (J)

20. Ignore a driveway on the left and pass a house on the right.

21. Walk through the farmyard and on down the track. Where the track bends right keep straight on through the double farm gates and on down the middle of the field. Go through the gate and over a stile. (K)

22. Continue along the fenced and hedged track passing the kennels at Sprinks Barn Farm. Go through another farm gate by the house.

23. Keep straight on along the surfaced drive to the road in Dunstall.

24. (L)Turn right by the church. (There is a very convenient refreshment seat at this point!)

25. In 200 metres turn left through a small gate by the cattle grid. At the end of the drive go through a gate by the second cattle grid. Pass the cottages to continue along the drive. Just before the next cottages turn left through a small gate. (M)

26. Bear left up the field walking under the power lines passing the pylon on your right. At the top corner of the field by the wood go through a gate. (N)

27. Walk up through the wood and through another gate. Keep straight on down the hill, through the plantation then on down aiming for the large field gap and the footpath post.

28. At the footpath post retrace your outward route back to the car park.

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