• Start: Church Lane, Breadsall
  • End: Church Lane, Breadsall
  • Country: England
  • County: Derbyshire
  • Type: Country
  • Nearest pub:
  • Ordnance Survey:
  • Difficulty: Medium
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Breadsall Village "“ the great northern greenway "“ A608 "“ Breadsall Railway Cutting "“ Broomfield Hall "“ Almshouses Lane "“ Moorfields Golf Course "“ Horsley Carr "“ Coxbench "“ Little Eaton "“ Breadsal

8 miles

1. From the church walk down Church Lane to cross Brookside Road. Keep straight on up Pall Mall. Cross the stile at the top of the road then carry on up the short steep bank to turn left. (A)

2. Walk along the Great Northern Green Way crossing a partly surfaced path. At the junction with the Mansfield Road turn left for about 30 metres and before Brookside Road, cross the very busy A608 with great care.

(B) Turn left down a partly stepped path.

Follow the path through the wide Breadsall Railway Cutting Nature Reserve. In about three-quarters of a mile, and after the third gate, leave the reserve to turn left across a small foot-bridge and on up the stepped path to cross a stile. (C)

Turn left to follow the trees down on the left, about 100 metres before the field corner bear off right to cross a stile in the hedge ahead. Follow a fence on your right as you walk uphill to cross another stile onto the road. (D) (This area may have extra fencing for the horses.)

Cross the busy road and turn left down the pavement for about 200 metres. Opposite a cottage turn right through a metal gate. (E)

Walk up the field, aiming for and going through the next metal gate. Continue across the next field to go through the third metal gate. Cross the drive diagonally left to cross the stile.

Walk up the field keeping the hedge on the right. Go through the gate. Follow the path through the trees and round the Broomfield Hall gardens. Ignore the gate on the left to go up into the field, aiming for the way-marked post. Follow way-marked posts to go through a fence gap under the trees. Cross a footbridge then up a stepped path to go through a metal gate. (F)

Follow the field boundaries close on the left as you cross five fields via gates and stiles. In the last field cross a farm track and in about 50 metres turn left by the footpath post to reach the road. (G)

Turn right to walk along Almshouses Road to the junction with Moor Road which you cross.

(H) Go through the way-marked gap. Follow the clear winding path through the scrub land. At the junction with the road turn left. In about 150 metres turn right over the stile. (I)

Bear slightly left aiming to the right of the single oak tree. Cross the stile/wall gap. Bear right aiming for the stile in the wall ahead. Cross this stile onto the golf course.

Turn left then right at the way-marked post to follow the wall close on the left. Aim for the farm gate ahead.

Pass by the gate into the woods. At a crossing of paths turn left. (J) Follow the wide path as it gradually descends through the woods to join the Horsley Carr track, which is part of The Midshires Way. Continue on down the track.

Look out for a small gate on the left with the scout badge cut into the wood. About 50 metres from this gate bear off right, leaving the track by the footpath sign to walk down to a fence. (K) Continue ahead to follow the clear path which takes you under the A38 then on down to the B6179.

Cross the road to enter a path by the Amber Valley sign. Follow the path crossing Bottle Brook and the old railway line. Turn left at the road junction.

In about 300 metres and just past the Bell & Harp turn right up Whitaker Lane. (L) At the top of the lane keep straight on up the path by the wood. In nearly a quarter of a mile cross the first stile on the left. (M)

Keep straight on to go through a small gate. Walk through the bluebell wood to go through another gate. Turn left to walk almost diagonally across the field aiming for a gap in the trees ahead. Cross an old stile in this gap.

Keep straight on down, bearing slightly to lefthand, to cross a footbridge. Turn left to follow the field boundaries on the left. Cross a stile by a gate.

At the footpath sign turn right signed Rigga Lane. (N) Walk up the field to cross a stile and the yard at Park Farm.

Continue down the track passing by a gate. Eventually the track becomes a surfaced road leading into Little Eaton via Vicarage Road.

Pass the church and keep straight on, then take a left and right turn, passing the pharmacy on your left.

Cross the old railway line then cross the main road at the pedestrian lights.

(O) Turn right to walk out of the village passing the Co-op. In about a quarter of a mile turn left at the Public Footpath to Breadsall sign. (P) Walk up between the houses to cross a stile. Walk round the barn then follow the path behind the properties.

Cross the stile in the field corner and keep straight on up the clear path. (Q) Turn left under the A38 taking the right-hand track. Continue up the path and down to the field where you follow the hedge on the left to a large hedge gap. Turn left through this gap to follow the field boundary on the right. (This last section could be very muddy.)

Go through the gate onto Rectory Lane. (R) Turn right back into Breadsall village.

*Correct as of November 2011

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