• Start: The Charles Cotton Hotel
  • End: The Charles Cotton Hotel
  • Country: England
  • County: Derbyshire
  • Type: Country
  • Nearest pub: Inns, café and Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington
  • Ordnance Survey:
  • Difficulty: Medium
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hartington village "“ mill lane "“ lower hurst farm "“ beresford lane "“ beresford dale "“ hartington

Linear Distance:3 miles
Approximate time:1 hours
Approx. height climbed:370 feet
Parking:SK 128604
Refreshments:Inns, caf and Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington

Directions: Hartington is two miles down the B5054 off the A515 Ashbourne to Buxton road about 10 miles north of Ashbourne. There is a small free parking area in the centre of the village and a pay and display car park a few metres down the Hulme End-Warslow road (B5054).

Description: A short relatively easy walk for a winters day that will give
you time to explore the delights of this very pretty village. If there has been a fall of snow and the sun is shining the path up Beresford Dale is magical as you will see from the pictures.


1. From whichever car park you use return to The Charles Cotton Hotel. With the hotel on your right walk up the B5054 Warslow road for a few metres and just before the ceramics works and shop on the left, turn right at the end of a wall in front of a row of stone houses. (A)

2. Continue along a very narrow path between the buildings, walls and fencing, going through a squeeze stile and two gates, then between a fence and a wall. Continue to follow a paddock wall close on the left to cross another stile in the paddock corner.

3. Keep straight on across the next five fields and stiles maintaining a south-westerly direction. In the fourth and fifth fields aim for a cottage and the road.

4. After the fifth stile walk to the B5054 (B) and turn right. Walk up the road (Mill Lane) for about 500 metres, passing into Staffordshire. Pass Raikes Farm on the right and the drive to Lower Hurst Farm on the left.

5. Just past the cottage on the left, turn left at the footpath sign. (C) Cross the stile and descend the field keeping a wall and fence on the left.

6. Go through a small gate and across a footbridge to walk straight on up the next field. Go through a small gate. (D)

7. Keep straight on to Lower Hurst Farm.

8. Cross a stile and follow the fence close on the right below the farm. Cross two more stiles and a small paddock to go through a squeeze stile.

9. (E) Turn left to cross a cattle grid then turn right to follow the wood close on the right.

10. Go through three small gates then over a small footbridge and a stile.

11. Keep straight on across a field of reeds; soon you will have a wood on the left. Cross another footbridge and stile.

12. Keep straight on to go through a gate and stile to reach Beresford Lane. (F)

13. Turn left down the lane, for nearly half a mile, to the river. Ignore a track off right and pass Beresford House gate.

14(G). At the river turn left to walk along the beautiful Beresford Dale keeping the river on your right. Cross the footbridge and follow a path which soon climbs up away from the river. Go through a gated stile.

15. Walk up the hill, bearing very slightly right. Pass three way-marked posts then turn down left towards a gate/gateway passing another way-marked post. Go through the gateway and keep straight on to go through another gateway.

16(H). Turn right uphill then left by another way-marked post. Cross a track via two gates.

17. Follow a shale path with the wall then houses on the left to go through a gate and down steps by the toilets to reach the road into Hartington. Turn right to the village centre or left to the car park.

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