• Start: Bakewell Station
  • End: Bakewell
  • Country: England
  • County: Derbyshire
  • Difficulty:


A busy market town, a pretty village and a tranquil countryside trail are components of this varied and inviting walk with Pat Tidsall and Roma Wilcock

Linear distance: 7½ miles

Total height climbed: About 200ft

Car Park: Bakewell Station Grid Ref. SK 223690

Paths: Riverside and field paths; the trail and village roads

Stiles: 31, most of them are low and easy

Refreshments: In Bakewell, Ashford, Great Longstone, Hassop Station Café and Bookshop

Toilets: At the refreshment stops

Ashford-in-the-Water Well Dressings: 25th May to 2nd June

Bakewell Station, River Wye, Ashford-in-the-Water, Little Longstone, Great Longstone, Rowland, Monsal Trail, Bakewell


From the centre of Bakewell follow the A619 to cross the bridge over the River Wye, then immediately turn right up the B6049 to the Station. In about half a mile turn into the Station/Monsal Dale car park. Grid Ref SK 223690.


A varied and easy walk starting in the interesting market town of Bakewell. After following the River Wye to the pretty village of Ashford-in-the-Water you will climb gently via village roads and field paths to Little and Great Longstone. Pleasant and easy field paths take you to Rowland and the edge of the Hassop Estate. The walk ends with a 1½ mile stroll along the Monsal Trail, passing the Hassop Station bookshop and café.

Route Instructions

1 Walk back through the car park then turn left to walk down into Bakewell.

2 At the road junction cross the A619 by the ornate lamp standard (A). Go through the metal gate to join the river-side path.

3 Follow this path and where the river meanders away left, keep straight on. Go through the gate and continue ahead aiming for the houses. Go through a small gate (B). Turn left along the minor road.

4 Pass the packhorse bridge to enter the Riverside Business Park. Keep straight on to the industrial buildings and turn left across the river. At the A6 turn right. (C)

5 Walk up the road for about 350 metres to go through a stile on the right. (D)

6 Follow a path down to and over the stile, walk between the houses, across the road and along another path between houses. Cross the stile.

7 Keep straight on across the fields, going through a gap, a stile, and two gates and across a small valley before descending three stone steps. Follow the way-marked posts aiming for Ashford ahead.

8 (E) Go through a small gate and turn right along the pavement then right again to follow a gated road. Cross the A6020 to enter Ashford-in-the-Water.

9 Walk along the main village road, passing the church and The Bulls Head. At the memorial shelter turn right up Fennel Street. Just past the car park turn, continue up Vicarage Street.

10 Pass Highfields and just past the decontrolled sign turn right through a stile to cross the small field and then go through a gated stile.

11 (F) Cross the road to go down a walled track and over a walled stile. Walk up the field ahead keeping a wall close on the right. Go through a gate. Continue in the same direction with the wall on the right. Cross the stile in the field corner.

12 Cross Longstone Lane to go through a stile.

13 Walk up the field and through a gated stile. Continue in the same direction crossing three fields and stiles. In the fourth field aim for the rail and steps ahead which take you up onto the Monsal Trail.

14 Cross the trail diagonally left to cross the wall stile.

15 Turn left following a wall close on the left. Go through a gate. Keep straight on to cross two fields and one gate.

16 At the two gates and stile leading to the road in Little Longstone turn right (G) and with your back to the stile walk up the field.

17 Pass the small fenced enclosure and then cross a fence stile ahead. Walk along a short wooded path to go through a gate.

18 Walk diagonally across the field, cross a stile, a track and go through a small gate. Keep a wall close on the left to go through another gate. Continue in the same direction across the middle of the next field aiming for and through a gate in the lower wall. Follow the field boundary on the left. Cross a stile onto the road.

19 (H) Cross the road to walk along a hedged surfaced path passing the school playing field. At a T-junction of paths turn left.

20 Continue along the path, which crosses a car park before entering a very narrow walled path in the left-hand corner of the car park.

21 Cross the road in Great Longstone to walk up Church Lane. Turn right to walk through the churchyard. At the road turn right and in a few metres turn on to a track, then almost immediately cross a low stile on the right.

22 Bear left across the field corner and through another stile. Turn right along a track and where it bends left keep straight on to cross a stile.

23 (I) Continue ahead to cross seven undulating fields, eight stiles and three tracks to reach the road in Rowland.

24 (J) Turn right to walk down the road and at the T-junction cross the road diagonally left, to the track.

25 (K) Walk along the track with the high wall on the left. At the large Hassop estate gate cross a broken wall on the right, then turn left to continue in the same direction, still with the wall on the left. Cross two stiles.

26 Where the wall bends left by the telegraph pole bear off right down the large field, passing the way-marked posts and aiming to the right of The Toll Bar House.

27 Cross the stile, turn left along the road and opposite The Toll Bar House go through the gate on the right.

28 Keep straight on across the field to go through a gate onto the Monsal Trail. (L)

29 Turn left to follow the trail for about 1½ miles to Bakewell Station. You will pass the Hassop Station café and bookshop.

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