• Start: Eyam
  • End: Eyam
  • Country: England
  • County: Derbyshire
  • Type: Country
  • Difficulty: Medium
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'A very varied walk from the interesting village of Eyam'

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk


Linear Distance: 7 miles

Approximate time: 4 hours

Total height climbed: Over 1,500ft

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk

Parking: SK 216767 (pay); SK 217768 (free)

Toilets: At the pay-and-display car park

Refreshments: Eyam or add another half a mile to the Plough Inn (Leadmill)

Picnic: Instructions 6 and 12

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk

Directions: From Baslow take the A632 to Calver. At the crossroads in Calver keep straight on, still on the A632, to drive through Stoney Middleton. In about three-quarters of a mile from this quarrying village turn right to Eyam on the B6521. As you reach Eyam bear off up left to turn left along Church Road. After passing the Hall turn right up Hawkshill Road. There are two car parks – one pay car park and one free.

Description: A very varied walk from the interesting village of Eyam where there are many historical references to the plague. It is well worth taking your time as you return to the car park after the walk and perhaps a cup of tea. The walk starts with a steep but pretty climb up a tree-lined track. A minor road leads you to the edge of Eyam Moor above Bretton Clough where the rhododendrons give a wonderful display of colour in the late spring. As you traverse the edge of the moor the greens of summer are spread out below you – a just reward for the climb. After descending to Stoke Ford (a convenient rest stop) the route climbs gently back onto the wooded and open moorland. After another short minor road climb, the route returns to cross the heather and ling of Eyam Moor. On your return route it is well worth a stop to see Mompesson’s Well before following a path downhill through the woods back to Eyam.


1. From the car park turn right up the road. Where the road bends right bear left up a minor road (A), The Nook, which shortly leads into a rough partly-surfaced wide track winding uphill for about quarter of a mile. This is a pretty route but it is steep!

2. On reaching the road at Highcliffe turn left. (B) Follow the road for nearly half a mile and on reaching a wide track on the right (Sir William Hill Road) continue on the road round the left-hand bend for another 30 metres then turn right down a rough track for just over 275 metres to a crossing of tracks. Turn right over a ladder stile by a gate. (C)

3. Follow the farm track keeping a wall close on the left. After passing a small low building on the left continue along the farm track. Where it bends off right, keep straight on to the top corner of a wood and a stone gatepost.

4. Follow the wall and wood on the left crossing a stile by a gate; the grass path soon goes round a right hand bend. Cross another stile by a gate and turn left to continue following the wall and wood on the left.

5. On reaching a gate in the corner of the moorland, cross the stile to the left of it and turn right. (D)

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk

6. Follow a wide grass path along the ridge for about a quarter of a mile crossing one stile. The path veers away from the wall on the right and descends in a curve down into Bretton Clough. Near the bottom of the slope the path divides into two, either path will take you to the path above the Bretton Brook.

7. Turn right along the path keeping the brook on the left.

8. When you reach Stoke Ford bridge down to the left bear off right (E) away from the bridge to climb the path up under the trees. The path soon comes out onto the moors.

9. Continue along the well walked path. Cross a stream and a stile then follow a fence (partly hidden by bracken in season) on the left. As you start to descend the moors the path widens out into a track where you cross a stile by a gate. At the end of this track keep straight on to cross a footbridge and a stile ahead. (F)

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk

10. Follow the narrow woodland path keeping the stream on the left. Cross a stile to leave the woods. Continue ahead with a wall on the left. Pass through gateways and gates to reach the renovated Top Farm. Keep straight on to the road junction.

11. (G) At this junction you can either turn left to walk down to Leadmill and the inn then walk back up to this point, or turn right to continue with the walk.

12. Follow the steep winding road uphill for about 300 metres. (At this point (H) where the road bends right there is a reasonable picnic spot if you cross the stile on the left.) After the sharp right bend continue along the road for another 500 metres and opposite a large stone barn turn right over a wall stile. (I)

13. Turn left up under the trees, and then follow the bracken and heather path up over Eyam moor for about one mile, the last part of which has a fence on the left. Go through the small gate.

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk

14. Bear round to the right then on down Edge Road, ignoring the track off right. In about a quarter of a mile you will pass Mompesson’s Well where there is a plaque giving the history of the site and the village

15. (J) Just after a road off to the right and a bend, cross a stile on the left signed ‘Eyam’.

16. Follow a wooded path downhill, ignoring the concession on the right. Parts of this route are quite steep.

17. This woodland path becomes Riley Back Lane which leads into Town End. (K) At the road junction turn right into the village. Pass (or go into!) the tea rooms to take a right-hand fork.

Eyam, Derbyshire County WalkEyam, Derbyshire County Walk

18. Walk through Eyam where you will find plaques giving more information about the plague and other interesting historical facts. In about half a mile turn right up Hawkshill Road and return to the car park.


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