Health & Beauty: Unusual Spa Treatments

PUBLISHED: 15:57 29 April 2010 | UPDATED: 16:04 20 February 2013



A guide to some unusual Spa Treatments.

Never let it be said that whiling away a morning at one of the county's most sybaritic spas isn't good for the health. The enforced idleness involved in a massage, facial, even a simple pedicure, means that there's space for reflection and renewal. Treatments are evolving to include some more unusual therapies.

Shirodhara face

Highly recommended for the stressed - a short massage of the scalp and face followed by steady stream of cool aromatic oil drizzled backwards and forwards across the forehead for an extra relaxing, calming effect.

Pizzichilli (pit-ze-chilli)
The ultimate in luxury. Large quantities of warm oil are poured over your body whilst therapists gently massage you in synchrony. Deeply penetrating, this treatment is excellent for relieving painful muscles and joints.

Seventh Heaven Luxury Facial
An holistic facial with face lift effect. Lymphatic drainage movements create a lifting effect that leaves the skin glowing. As part of this luxurious treatment a waterbed back massage with the use of crystals will help the body's natural energy flow, whilst the hands are massaged along the meridian lines to complete harmony and assist body energy.

Spas ...
Good for:

- relaxation and being pampered
- some top-end treatments
- luxurious surroundings

not so good for:
- feeling virtuous
- experiencing 'the burn'
- a quick visit!

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